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Dr. Odin Blood Pressure Monitor + Digital Thermometer + Reusable Hot & Cool Pack

Dr. Odin Blood Pressure Monitor + Digital Thermometer + Reusable Hot & Cool Pack

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This combo is convenient for your home medical aid kit and is easy to use from the safety of your home. The devices reliable and user friendly. Dr. Odin is part of the larger Passim Group. The group has interests in the specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical formulations and healthcare devices.
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    Package contents:

    • 1 x Blood Pressure Monitor
    • 1 x Digital Thermometer
    • 1 x Hot & Cool Pack

    Dr. Odin Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

    • Model Name: TSB-625
    • Fully automatic offers clinically proven accuracy
    • Designed to be user-friendly
    • Fast & reliable measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as the pulse through the oscilloscope method
    • Pulse measurement, Records of Memory, Talking Feature, USB Port, Backlight Display, Intelligent Compression
    • Ease of using from the comfort of your home
    • Easy to read display, large LCD display is clear, with oversized numbers which makes reading convenient
    • Inflation: Automatic Inflation by Internal Pump, Deflation: Automatic by Air Valve
    • Rapid Air Release: Automatic by Air Valve, Power Source: 5V DC (4*AAA Batteries)
    • Measurement: Pressure: -29mmHg(-39kPa), Pulse:4-18 Pulse/Min, Accuracy: Pressure: ± 3mmHg(.4kPA), Pulse: ± 5%
    • Automatic Power Off: Inactive after 2 Minutes, Operating Environment Temperature: 5-4°C (41-14°F), Humidity: 15-8%RH(No Condensing), Barometric Pressure :8-16kPa

    Dr. Odin Digital Thermometer LCD Display

    • Model Name: MT11
    • Color: White, Buzzer: Yes
    • Measurement Range: 9.°F-19.9°F
    • Measurement Accuracy ±.1°C,35.5°C-42.°C(±.2°F,95.9°F-17.6°F)
    • Package includes:1 Digital Thermometer, User Manual
    • Power Source: Battery, High accuracy, Fast response
    • Auto shut-off, Alarm signal, Break resistance
    • Digital Medical Thermometer FDA Approved
    • Quick 4 Second Reading for Oral, Rectal, Armpit Underarm, Body Temperature Clinical Professional Detecting Fever Baby, Infant, Kid, Babies, Children Adult and Pet
    • Note: 1. Use of the probe cover may result in a .2°F(.1°C) discrepancy from actual temperature. 2. Please store this product in a dry and cool place without moisture or heat. 3. To prolong the battery life, press the On/Off button to turn unit off after testing is complete. 4. To make sure the product is clean and precision is accurate enough, please disinfect it after every complete testing. 5. For children who are two years old or younger, please do not use the devices orally.

    Dr. Odin Reusable Hot & Cool Pack

    • Convenient to provide hot fermentation, warm compress or cool compress.
    • The gel pouch is made out of soft and flexible PU film, filled with a hydrophilic gel made out of edible polymers
    • A belted washable cotton cover with velcro strap makes it convenient & easy for application.
    • The hot and cool pack is made of tough, leakage resistant flexible material and remains flexible even after refrigeration or microwave so that it can be placed comfortably on all parts of the body
    • This hot and cool pack consists of non-toxic gel based on a unique formula that radiates energy when chilled. It sustains chill for a long time
    • The gel remains flexible even when it is chilled. Heating can be in microwave oven or boiling water. The gel has high heat retention property.
    • Pain relief for arthritis and helps to soothe swelling, headaches, treat injuries and improves blood circulation
    • Cool Compress: Place in a freezer at about degrees for a minimum of one hour. Remove and use immediately
    Brand NameDr. Odin
    Customer Care Number+919878785333
    Customer Care Emailcustomercare@drodin.in
    PolicyEZMall replacement only – within 2 days from the date of delivery in case of damage or defective
    Country of OriginChina
    Imported & Marketed ByPassim Medichem Agencies